Virginia Museum of Natural History

026The Virginia Museum of Natural History is the state natural history museum of Virginia and has award-winning exhibits, ground-breaking scientific research and collections, and innovative educational programs for all ages. With its outreach education and distance learning programs, online resources, and traveling exhibits and displays.

I had the privilege of serving as Executive Director of the Virginia Museum of Natural History from 2004-2009 and directed the design and construction of the new facility and exhibits which opened in 2008.

The building was designed by Calloway Johnson Moore & West of Greensboro, North Carolina and Lynchburg, Virginia; exhibit design by Reich + Petch of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, exhibit fabrication by Design & Production, Inc. of Lorton, Virginia.



Gette – Barton Genealogy covers the Gette and Barton family Genealogy and our immediate relatives to our family including: Ahrens, Barker, Barton, Bean, Childs, Cline, Cole, Dura, Gette, Koenig, Miller (Steiler), Rubidoux, Russell, Schuch and Strain.