About Schuch

Henry Schuch sold his holdings in Germany and on April 11, 1852 his family sailed for America to join pioneers already established in Texas. Henry and Maria’s children were very young. Peter was 7 years, Maria 3 years and Jacob 2months.

They landed at Galveston, Texas and traveled with oxen teams to New Braunfels, Texas. After a short time then traveled to Fredericksburg, Texas, their chosen destination.

He built a home for his family in Fredericksburg where they lived until his death in 1903. After his death, Maria made her home with her daughter Mrs. Charles Mollering at Baron’s creek.SCH200

Our Schuch family has been traced to Peter Schuch who was born March 1, 1845 in Germany and wisely immigrated to Texas.  He married Dorothea Ahrens on June 27, 1868 and they had seven children: Henry Jacob, Franziska Marie, Emma, Louise, Willie, Mathilda and Sophia.

Peter Schuch’s wife, Dorothea Ahrens was the sister of Christian Ahrens who was married to Hulda Roeder.  Dorothea Ahrens Schuch died on April 13, 1884 and her brother, Christian Ahrens, died on May 12, 1887.  When Christian Ahrens died, he left his wife, Hulda Roeder Ahrens, with 7 children. Christian’s sister, Dorothea, died three weeks after the twins, Mathilda and Sophia, were born, leaving her husband, Peter Schuch, with 9 children.

On October 2, 1887, Peter Schuch married Hulda Roeder Ahrens and combined their families.  Peter and Hulda then had four children: Otto Peter, Albert, Ida Amelia and Charlie.  With this marriage, first cousins became step-brothers and -sisters and created a family of 20 children.

Henry Schuch(10)Henry Jacob Schuch
 was the eldest son of Peter Schuch and he was born on April 7, 1871.  He married Wilhelmina Hartmann in Fredericksburg, Texas.  Henry and Wilhelmina had five children: Alwin, Lily, Edwin Henry, Lucile and Olga.  Their first born child, a son named Alwin, died in infancy.


Edwin Henry Schuch was born on February 15, 1896, in Fredericksburg, Texas.  He married Cecile Susan “Muz” Miller on March 1, 1916, in San Angelo, Texas.  They were married for over 50 years.

The Schuch family on the 5oth Anniversary of Muz and Grandad's wedding!
The Schuch family on the 5oth Anniversary of Muz and Grandad’s wedding!

Ed and “Muz” had seven children:  Edwin Henry Schuch Jr., Frances Marie Schuch, Margaret Lilly Schuch, Alyce Elizabeth Schuch, Oron Lee Schuch, Mary Louise Schuch and Helene Hope Schuch.

Thanks to Joseph Kott Shook (birth name – Francis Joseph Schuck, Jr). son of Francis Joseph Schuck, Sr., we now have photos of Peter Schuch and Charlie Schuch.  Joe currently resides in South Korea and is researching the Schuch family.  Francis Joseph Schuck, Sr. was the son of Charlie Louis Schuch, the last of Peter Schuch’s 20 children, and Mabel Bernadine Mann.