Andreas Götte

Andreas  Götte (Andrew Gette) was born June 1, 1976 in Semenovka, Saduls, Russia and died February 12, 1943 in Munich, Cavalier, North Dakota, USA.

He arrived at Ellis Island in New York on March 17, 1913 in New York where according to a Record of Aliens Held for Special Inquiry it seems he and his brother were held 15 days for some kind of physical defect, probably sickness

He farmed in Alsen or Trier, Cavalier, North Dakota.  Andrew married Elizabeth Catherine Koenig on February 4, 1902 in Semenchevo, Vologda, Russia and they had eight children: Maria Gette, Anna Gette, Katharina Gette, John Conrad Gette, Franz Gette, Barbara M. Gette, Elizabeth Katherine Gette and Joseph Eugene Gette. Elizabeth died December 23, 1928 in North Dakota. On July 6, 1930 he married Catherine Keene and they had two children: Rosemary Gette and Edwin Andrew Gette.

Andrew and his brother, Ignatz, came together to the United States in 1913 while his wife, Elizabeth remained in Russia to care for this children and parents.  During this time, Andrew was saving money to bring his wife and four youngest children to the USA.  The story is that he actually saved and sent the money several times but it never made it to the family.  Finally, in 1924, he had success and Elizabeth along with John, Barbara and Elizabeth set sail for the United States.

My father was born on July 11, 1925 in Alsen, North Dakota, and was the first child born in America!